The New World of Internet Dating

I met a couple from Colombia that had posted a video online about their relationship: how it grew, flowered, and sprung seedlings of its own. It was a tad bit too personal for my taste, however, as they divulged into personal first meetings and vows to save themselves for marriage.

I guess I didn’t think that people did that anymore; ensuring that their legs are closed before the sheets can be stained. Yet, this is becoming increasingly common.

They met online. One night when they were both browsing the personals on a web accredited (“meeting not sexing”) site, they stumbled upon each other. For him, he said, it was love at first sight. For her, she said, he was persistent and he liked an intelligent woman.

But they married, and are still together. Much like three other couples I can think of, including my Aunt who met the love of her life online just a few years ago after two divorces and countless boyfriends. They never say they met online, however, it was a plane journey, they say, and it was love at first sight.

There are obviously still stigmas attached to internet dating, but for those 40 plus, it seems like it’s the only way to meet people who are financially independent. My mother phoned me the other night to say that she was finally ready for a relationship. After not having anything serious since 2005, she found herself really considering the possibility of a man in her life who has his house, and his things, but spends some real time with her and my sister on the weekends. More and more people want this, as divorce is becoming as common as internet dating.

Yet there are horror stories that you hear about randomly through the grapevine – always a friend of a friend who suffered a crisis. I must say that because we live in an age where we constantly “need the scoop”, one is more likely to find an internet dating tragedy in the news. However, I do find that people are letting their guard down a bit too much, and maybe, simultaneously stretching the truth in regards to who we really are. If I want to gain a suitor online, I most likely will drop a stone off my weight, maybe, say I have been places I never have been to seem adventurous. Some people seem to venture into the world of online dating to be people they never can be in reality. I find some danger in this, of course, when in order to have a normal relationship, you eventually do need to meet the person you are lying to. Strange, indeed.

I have always felt that the phrase, “to each their own” is an important one. How can we judge others when we ourselves have never been in the same predicament? It is simple, if internet dating is the way of the future, I hope it makes people happy. However, I still prefer the old fashion way – buy me a drink and let’s talk all night first. If I can analyze your expressions, your body language tells me what your lips, or dating profile, cannot.