The Bachelor Semi-Finals: November 13th Episode

As the Bachelor closes in on the big season finale, Lorenzo went on romantic overnight dates with the three remaining ladies – Jenn, Lisa, and Sadie.

Jenn has completely snuck up on me, and I think Lorenzo too. To me she came from out of nowhere and is now in the final! Jenn and Lorenzo went to an amusement park where he won her “Simon Fred,” a big red stuffed animal. That evening they had a very romantic dinner; Jenn did accompany Lorenzo to the Fantasy Suite.

I’ve always assumed the couple sleeps together in the Fantasy Suite when they spend the night together. Also of course the cameras aren’t rolling; oh the side conversations we miss! However, that may not always be the case!

On the second overnight date, Lisa and Lorenzo went to a festival and drank wine and walked around. Lorenzo confessed before the date that he had doubts about Lisa. On their hometown date, she had put on a wedding dress brought over by her girlfriend while Lorenzo was there! There were also wedding magazines scattered all over her place. Can anyone else say, “timeline?” J

Lorenzo was growing increasingly concerned Lisa wasn’t in it for all the right reasons! On their date, he hit her with some pretty difficult questions and it was very awkward. Apparently two weeks after she split with a very serious boyfriend she was applying to be on the Bachelor!

Also every guy had always moved to be with her. When Lorenzo asked Jenn if she would move to NY, she said Yes without hesitation. Lisa, on the other hand, refused to answer definitively and basically said they would cross that bridge when they came to it.

During dinner Lorenzo didn’t even have to read the Fantasy Suite card; Lisa said she knew what it was and the answer was yes. So much for any anticipation! Lisa & Lorenzo also spent the night in the Fantasy Suite.

Lorenzo’s final date was with Sadie. This date was both romantic and relaxing! Lorenzo & Sadie got massages and then gave each other mini-massages. Sadie was having a tough time relaxing though because the whole time the Fantasy Suite was on her mind!

Lorenzo & Sadie went to dinner, and during the conversation Sadie had to get up and walk around. She said she needed to get away and think and clear her head. She really didn’t know what to do about the Fantasy Suite, accept or decline. Lorenzo & Sadie had a very honest open conversation about the Fantasy Suite though, and I thought Lorenzo was great!

He made it very clear that he just wanted to spend some time with Sadie and talk to her off-camera, and that he didn’t expect her to change her values. Sadie accepted the card, and they too spent the night in the Fantasy Suite. The big question remains though: did they or didn’t they? J

Lorenzo got rid of Lisa at the rose ceremony; hooray! He gave the final two roses to Sadie & Jenn. To me Sadie & Lorenzo have an obvious connection; Jenn and Lorenzo’s bond I’m not sure is as strong.

We will find out . . . after Thanksgiving at the big season finale. Which girl will Lorenzo choose? Will he propose? I sound like the show promos, don’t I? Looks like Lorenzo has a ring and is slipping it on someone’s finger in the end in the promos to me!

Next week’s episode is the comical “The Women Tell All” where, yes, Agnese, Lisa, Desiree, and even Erica will be back! Have Fun watching!!