The Bachelor Rome on ABC: October 30th Episode

On tonight’s Bachelor there were four hometown dates. Four girls went down to three and next week will be the romantic overnight dates in different romantic locales across Europe.

On the first hometown date, Lorenzo met Sadie in San Diego. They had dinner with her family and then went for a moonlit walk on the beach and ended up cozying up by a fire. It was a very romantic date, and it became apparent to Lorenzo that Sadie is very close to her family.

I think Sadie continues to be my favorite Bachelorette. Who is your favorite Bachelorette and why?

On the second hometown date, Lorenzo is in Portland, OR with Lisa and her family. Lisa’s best girl friend Ali shows up . . . with a wedding dress in tow! The look on Lorenzo’s face was pretty priceless at this point! Lisa tried on the wedding dress, and while she was slipping in to this, Ali asked Lorenzo if he knew all about “Lisa’s timeline.” I believe Lorenzo began to question Lisa’s motives – Is she on The Bachelor just to get married and fulfill her “timeline” or is she really serious about it because it’s Lorenzo she uniquely cares for?

Lorenzo and Lisa went to have dinner with her family, and afterward was definitely the funniest moment of tonight’s show. While Lisa was talking with her Dad, telling him how much her 2.5 carat diamond earrings were worth . . Lisa’s Mom had Lorenzo doing Pilates!! Hilarious!

Lorenzo’s next hometown date took him to FL to meet Jenn for some fishing. This part of the date was relaxed and cute; Jenn caught a baby shark! We find out Jenn is an only child and her Father is extremely protective of her. In a one-on-one with Lorenzo he has a gun out and is being quite intense and downright intimidating!

For Lorenzo’s final date, he heads back to Italy for a date with Agnese. They went for a gondola ride in Venice! Then they went to meet her family. This was definitely a close second for the funniest part of the show; none of Agnese’s family (Dad, Mom, brother, sister) spoke English! To watch Lorenzo try to communicate with them, and have Agnese half-translate, was very humorous! After they have dinner though they do turn on music and everyone is dancing around and laughing. This date is definitely way more fun and relaxed and less intense than the scene with Lorenzo and Jenn’s Dad!!

In the end, Lorenzo chose the following Bachelorettes to continue the journey with:

– Sadie

– Jenn

– Lisa

– And he sent Agnese home because they can’t communicate

Lorenzo did cry when he sent Agnese home; I believe he really cared for her and I thought it was sweet when he was crying showing that he’s become emotionally involved in this entire process.

At the end of the show, there was more Erika “jilted Bachelorette” commentary. She was equating the girls to vanilla milkshakes, saying they are very blah, bland and nothing special. Stay tuned for more from Erika! The next episode of The Bachelor is on in two weeks!