The Bachelor on ABC: October 16 Episode Re-Cap

When tonight’s Bachelor picked up we were down to nine girls. Tonight there were three separate dates, one individual one, one with six girls and Lorenzo (Whoa!), and the final with two girls and Lorenzo.

There was a contest for who would get the individual date, and the winner of that was Jami, a 27 year-old blond event planner from Texas. She went to the Opera with Lorenzo and they danced as an Opera singer sang. The evening would have been totally romantic . . except . .

Lorenzo sent Jami home on this date! He told her he felt like she was a friend and wasn’t attracted to her. OUCH!

What wasn’t clear to me in this episode is how they determined who would be the two to go on the other date, and who were the six to go on yet another date. ??

On the six-girls date, everyone went to Tuscany! They drank wine and hung out at night and played a rather racy version of “Truth or Dare.” This would bring me to I believe the steamiest moment of the night: Desiree passing a grape to Lorenzo mouth-to-mouth! WHEW!

Lorenzo kissed Lisa on this date, yet he gave an individual rose to Jeanette, a 23 year-old teacher from IL. Sadie also confessed to Lorenzo in a one-on-one that she is a virgin and saving herself for marriage. She said she wanted to tell him before one of the other girls did; smart idea!

On the final date Lorenzo ended up having Agnese and Erica to his house to hang out and eat pizza and drink beer! There was a fierce competition this night because there was only one rose, and whoever didn’t get it was going home.

Fortunately, fortunately, Lorenzo gave Agnese the rose and sent Erica home! She continues to be my least favorite Bachelorette with all her better-than-thou and drama. If she twirls and throws her hair one more time too . . . J

Next week will certainly be interesting because as I said in the intro., looks like Erica returns!

During the rose ceremony, Lorenzo only had to send one more girl home to get down to 6 Bachelorettes. He gave roses too

Sadie, a 23 year-old blond publicist from CA (She just may be my favorite at this point. Cute, nice, not too catty, and has good values!)

Lisa (brunette, She seems very confident!)

Jen (blond)

Desiree (blond) – At least she didn’t call Lorenzo “Baby” a thousand times tonight on camera. That was getting a little annoying but perhaps seems to be her style!

I am going with tonight’s funniest moment being when Lorenzo was trying to send Erica home and she rolls down her window and keeps going off to him, and telling him what a big mistake he made. Her drama and speech in the limo driving away was quite humorous too.

To me the cattiest moment amongst the girls was when Lisa made her comments on the group date about Tuscany not being romantic with all the other girls and comparing it to her one-on-one date with Lorenzo that was much more romantic. Even I could hear the “Me-OWW!” here!

Stay tuned for next week; it’s the final episode before the hometown dates according to the previews!