The Bachelor: Episode Two Re-Cap

I set my VCR to record the premiere and will watch it upon returning to my home state this weekend. I’m presently on the road for a record number of nights in a row!

I think I had a unique perspective on the show not getting to see last week’s premiere. When I picked up tonight, we were already down to 12 Bachelorettes, 11 Americans and one Italian gal with a name I can’t spell, a brunette named Agnese or something like that.

Tonight there were two group dates, one with five girls and one with six. Also there was one individual date with Lisa, a 25 year old brunette in Marketing.

As promised, here are some favorites/least favorites.

I’m sad to say I don’t have a favorite Bachelorette yet this season. No one of them really stands out to me as the total package, and a great fit for Lorenzo, especially considering he is royalty and a Prince! Lorenzo has struck me as very sweet, intelligent, and an all-around nice guy with good values. A great catch!

I am going with tonight’s funniest moment being the group date to the beach when Kim, 27, the blond, apparently drank too much and passed out!! She tried to pass it off like just taking a short nap, but who takes a nap in the middle of a date?

To me the cattiest moment amongst the girls was when Ellen talked to Lisa about what Lisa had said right in front of Lorenzo. I thought if Ellen had concerns with Lisa perhaps a one-on-one conversation would have been more effective here vs. in front of all the girls. Of course she made Lisa cry. Of note: Lisa got a rose tonight on her individual date with Lorenzo, Ellen did not get a rose and go on. She went home.

I can easily list my least favorite Bachelorette at this point! Ericka, the “socialite” from Houston, is a total drama queen and spoiled! Her direct quote tonight was, “Lorenzo is royalty . . not a commoner . . and he definitely needs me.” I was very surprised, but she got the last rose of the evening and is staying.

During the first group date, Lorenzo chose Sadie, a 23 year-old blond publicist from CA, for a rose. The group rode on scooters (Everyone on their own, except of course Ericka. She rode along with Lorenzo on the same scooter.), and then the girls each got to pick out their own brand new cocktail dress and wear it out that night to a party.

On the individual date, Lisa did get a rose. If she didn’t get a rose she would have gotten sent home!

On the other group date (The one Kim passed out on.) the group played tackle football on the beach, the girls in bikinis and Lorenzo topless (Can I add nice body to the aforementioned sweet intelligent nice guy garb??). It was the “blond bombshells” vs. the “brilliant brunettes!” On this date Lorenzo gave Jennifer, 24, a teacher from FL, the rose.

During the rose ceremony six additional ladies received roses. So now we have 9 Bachelorettes total vs. the 12 we started with. Other ladies receiving roses tonight included:

Jeanette (brunette)

Desiree (blond) – She seems wild, Lorenzo even called her a “total nut!”

Jamie (blond) – Did I mention Desiree and Jamie were in Lorenzo’s bed at one point during this action-packed episode, but it stayed fairly G rated?!

Gina (brunette)

Agnese (brunette, This is the Italian girl who can barely speak English!)

Ericka (blond, The “socialite!”)

I am very excited for next week’s episode, and I’m really hoping one of these ladies begins to stand out for me. Stay tuned for much more on The Bachelor!