Spice Up Long-Term Relationships

Anticipation is a wonderful thing. Think back to the days of early fumblings, when physical intimacy seemed impossibly desirable and utterly unattainable. The urgency, the arousal and the beautifully aching frustration of wanting someone so much that it hurts can create a serious high.

But as people get older, relationships often speed up. Intimacy frequently thrives early in a relationship after which point anticipation gradually fades. Long-term relationships often lead to functional, rather than truly connected physical intimacy.

Little wonder, then, that many long-term couples feel a sense of ennui about a relationship, or feel that their love life has suffered, as time goes on. Luckily, this can be revitalised with a few simple techniques, and fun surprises, particularly if both lovers are keen to improve the situation.

A Second Chance of Romantic Bliss

While physical intimacy in a loving relationship can be fantastic, many people get into a rut and feel dissatisfied as time goes on. Reintroducing anticipation gives couples a second chance to savour the feelings conjured up in the early days. Slowing things down can really heat things up.

Spending an evening kissing on the sofa can help old passionate feelings stir. Some scientists even claim that kissing alone can act as a libido booster by raising women’s testosterone levels, as reported in the article “Scientists Agree: It’s in His Kiss” by Betsy Mason on Wired.com. Removing clothes can make it hard for lovers to resist each other: instead, enjoy the frisson of holding back a. A marathon kissing session can bring up all kinds of feelings … Try it at the cinema or on the back of the bus to relive those early experiences.

Using the eyes to communicate attraction can be intoxicating for a lover. Indeed, intense eye contact can get the pulse racing as much as hot and heavy action, particularly if it’s something that’s faded from a relationship over time. Using this and other body language techniques will increase the chances of a partner actually wanting physical intimacy. No matter how long a relationship has lasted, it’s always worth making the effort.

Add Sizzle to Your Love Life

While anticipation is all very well, after reintroducing kissing and flirtation to a relationship, things are likely to heat up. Fan the spark into a flame with some fun treats.

Feeding a lover can be intense, particularly if it develops into sucking on each other’s fingers which can make the mind wander to more overt acts. Using libido-enhancing foods such as asparagus, lobster or chocolate will add extra excitement.

Taking time to share fantasies – but not succumbing to physical intimacy – can also help build attraction to scorching levels. Sharing sweet and saucy whispers with a lover helps build intimacy – and improving intimacy is an important way to improve romantic bliss in a relationship.

Try non-physical acts such as phone sex to explore a new area of possibilities. You can establish rules beforehand. If unsure, try to call in one of chat lines with free trial to see how it works and take notes. Don’t go to far with this at the beginning as it may turn your partner off if done incorrectly.

Mutual self-pleasuring can be a valuable way for partners to learn about each other’s responses. Watching a lover indulge in self-pleasure shows exactly how and where he or she likes to be touched. But for real sparks to fly, self-pleasuring but denying a lover until the next night – or even the end of the week – can work wonders. Waiting for gratification makes it seem more desirable.

Reintroducing a sense of anticipation to physical intimacy can help lovers connect with each other once more and add spice to their relationship. Before long, the sizzle will be back, simply through allowing space for anticipation to build. Remember, all good things come to those who wait.